Why CGS ?

Color Go Server, or CGS, is an Internet Go server enabling you to play against other players, worldwide, in real time and directly from your browser. Its main purpose is to facilitate Go discovery and learning, by updating its design and by adding some tools making the rules easier to understand.


In a game of Go, each stone has a certain influence on the board. This is very hard for a beginner to visualize on a traditional board. CGS points out territories by highlighting this influence.


The beginners who just started to play have difficulties to see Atari. In order to help them, CGS will highlight this situation by reducing the size of stones that have only one liberty left.


To help new players to avoid being in Atari, CGS offer an option to show the liberty count of each stones.


On CGS there is something for every taste! The player will be able to choose his preferred design among different themes while adjusting other parameters such as the intensity of the grid or the intensity of the influence...